Shopping at Årnes

Shopping at Årnes (community center). Here you will find a good selection of shops, bank, pharmacy and several eateries. Enjoy!

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Sea fishing

Salmon and trout fishing on the fjord. Exciting! You may rent a boat at Rotnes Fritid.

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Climb nearby mountains

Mountain top near Rotnes Fritid, from which you get a good view of Åfjord, the fjord and the ocean. There are two alternative routes with different elevation. You get a great view whether you decide to stop at the first viewpoint or go all the way to the top.

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Explore the Harbak cave

Cave in the mountains above the small rural community Harbak. From the parking lot. approx. 600 m along a path up to the opening of the cave. The cave is about 60 m deep and has a height at the opening of 30 m. From the famous Harbak Cave you will have a great view over Harbak, the ocean and the fairway!

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Fredmoen Salmon Fishing Museum

Here you can see how the English salmon lords lived a hundred years ago, the fishing gear they used and photos from that time. Rooms, furniture and fixtures have been preserved as it was when they lived here for a few weeks in the summer.

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